Features ...

Autonomous workout
detection features

GoDiary utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms along with device sensors to track your workouts. We require no user input to detect the start and stop of a run, walk or ride. We think you will be impressed with the accuracy to which we can detect start and stop. However, if you need even more accurate start and stop locations feel free to utilize manual mode.

Historical fitness and

Track your workout over time. We provide time series graphs that allow you to see how your workouts have improved over time. Weekly, monthly, yearly and all-time views are available.

Personalized goal

We all need motivation. GoDiary provides goal tracking to help you stick to your goals. Goals can be set as either time based or distance based. When you are able to monitor your progress reaching your goals becomes that much easier.

Sync your data with Apple
Health app

iOS users have the ability to sync there work outs with Apple health. This allows for convenient tracking across all your fitness apps.

Autonomous Fitness Detection Engine

What is AFDE?

The "Autonomous Fitness Detection Engine" is the proprietary code, that GoDiary has developed, which allows for battery efficient tracking of your workouts. We are constantly working to improve our technology to provide the most accurate and battery efficient experience for our users. No more thinking only doing. Get out there and give us a try!

What happens if you turn off?

When this feature is turned off:

  1. GoDiary will no longer automatically detect your Walks, Runs or Rides.
  2. GoDiary will continue to operate as a stand along fitness tracker. Starting and stopping of an Activity will require manual intervention in the record tab.
  3. There will be reduced battery drain when this feature is turned off.

About Us ...

GoDiary is unique among fitness apps!

We require no user input to accurately track your workouts. We utilize proprietary machine learning algorithms to maximize workout start and stop detection. We additionally go to great lengths to minimizing battery drain.

For GoDiary's auto detection features to function as designed we require location "Always Allow" authorization.

We need to use location services when GoDiary is running to track your live workout location.

The location permission allows us to get a very accurate measurement of the speed and distance you travel during your workouts.

GoDiary does the work for you!

We track your runs, walks and rides autonomously. Combining GPS and our proprietary machine learning algorithms we monitor your fitness activity in a battery efficient manner. Never miss another workout. Grab your phone and go!

Set your goals

Create, monitor and achieve your workout goals

Analyze activities

Analyze past activity to track your progress and improve performance

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  • Automatic Workout Detection
  • Track your progress
  • Setup your daily goal
  • Sync data with Apple Health App

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